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Your Concentration,Your Game.

Pretty much anyone who plays golf will know that concentration, focus and "Nerves" can have a major impact on the outcome of any round: how many times has a golfer changed selection of golf clubs only to wish they had stayed with their original choice?

Out on the golf course indecision and lack of confidence can really affect the golf swing.

Putting it simply our extensive research leads us to agree with the great Ben Hogan, unashamedly quoted bove and our experience also shows that most golfers often hit balls well on the practice range but not nearly so well during regular play.

With changing weather conditions any golf course can offer infinite variety, however, the golfer seeks reliability and consistency in their golf swing to make the best possible strike on the golf ball.

The Golf Power Hour Difference

We have reviewed numerous golf training aids, products and accessories. All of them have their merits offering the golfer methods to play better golf.

The key differential with Golf Power Hour is that the process works by creating a direct link between the desired outcome (to improve your golf) and your existing game.

This is the sort of process used by a competent golf professional when appraising your swing, and then showing you how to improve.

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You will also find our stroke saver section which you can complete providing us with details of your handicap, the level of golf instruction you have already received, and practice details. This helps us provide you with a route to play better golf, improve your handicap and improve your ball striking. The right sort of mental training also gives practice a purpose and is the ultimate golf accessory that you can take with you every time you play.


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